The Tropicana


Can renewable energy technologies become a part of the Weston-super-Mare Beach experience?

Your challenge is to design a renewable energy artwork that provides clean electricity to the Tropicana, the site of SEE MONSTER.

For such a prominent location as the Weston-super-Mare beach, your design must be more than pure utility and engineering. It must be an experience, a cultural icon, a gathering place, a space for events, or maybe a work of art  that stretches out into the water like a new public pier. Dream big and bold!

Your energy-generating artwork will tell a new story about Weston Super Mare, proud of her history and looking boldly to the future.

In the imagined scenario, your design will exist on the site for generations, so it should be timeless and beautiful, providing ever-changing experiences and photo opportunities throughout the years and the seasons.

There are no limits on what kind of technology you can incorporate into your artwork and few limits on your expression.

The only restrictions to your imagination are those listed in the "Design Brief," contained within Design Guidelines document.

Start with the Design Brief, then use the Toolkit activities to guide you through the design process step by step.

You can create an inspiring design in as little as two hours, though there are many optional activities provided for a more in-depth learning experience.

The links on the right will provide you with all of the information you will need to design along with helpful presentations and worksheets that go along with the activities in the Toolkit and that will allow you to learn more about design process, art outside of the gallery, and renewable energy technology.

Total time from

start to finish

1–13 sessions /
 2–12 hours