The workshops are a resource for educators, classrooms, youth groups, etc. who would like assistance working through the Toolkit. You will see once you click on the link to the right that you can choose workshops for each activity and presentation contained within the Toolkit.

We are available through Skype, video conference, and maybe even in person (if we happen to be in your city).

Click on the button to the right to schedule times with us. You can choose your dates, times, workshop activities, presentations, and more.

Please provide your Skype handle or the best way for us to join you. And in the comment field, write down any information you want to share with us about your group.

You'll receive an email from SetMore Notifications with your appointment confirmation.

We will contact you at the appointed time through the communication means (Skype, phone call, video conference, etc.) you have stated as your preference when you schedule with us. If we have questions beforehand, we'll let you know.


We're looking forward to working with you!